International Conference on Emerging Wireless Communications and Networking

              EWCN 2015         

April 6-8, 2015
Erbil, Kurdistan of Iraq

Welcome to EWCN 2015

Erbil, the capital of north Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, known by the city of Citadel and Minaret, elected as Arab Capital of Tourism in 2014 will host the First IFIP International Conference on Emerging Trends in Wireless Networks (EWCN 2014) for the first time in its history. Since the wireless communications and systems are witnessing rapid progress, driven by demand and innovation, as they change our lives in all sorts of useful ways. With large-scale wireless networks and mobile computing solutions, such as cellular 4G, Wi-Fi mesh, RFID, and Wireless Sensor Networks, people can tap into vital information anywhere and at any time within any network. This conference highlights some snapshots of current uses and future trends of various wireless communications, addresses the applications, states the challenges faced in a such environment of different wireless technologies, and how the resulting issues might be addressed by developing a framework that provides a flexible and convenient types of networks.